Press Release, September 22, 2020

NCD (www.NationalCareDental.com) announced today a major game changer in the Medicare Dental marketplace.
  • On : September 22, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. CDT
  • By : David E Lindsey, CEO of NCD
  • Category : Dental

Starting October 1st, NCD will offer a 12 month advance on its dental plans for Medicare sales agents. Together with a 12 month advance, high level commissions for the life of the policy, a takeover provision to waive the waiting periods on major procedures and the highest annual maximum in the industry at $5,000 per person, NCD is poised to raise the stakes in the Medicare dental market.

“We looked at the competition in the Medicare dental space and we knew that the same old low annual maximums and low renewal commissions were not helping the consumer or the agents. We know that major players in the dental market simply have not kept up with the ever increasing dental healthcare costs with their $1000 - $2000 annual maximums. With the NCD $5,000 annual maximum, we give the consumer what they need at a rate per hundred of benefit at $1.38 per hundred. We call what we are doing Dental Money Ball!” says David Lindsey, CEO.

NCD’s team looked at the real value of dental coverage for the consumers in the senior market and looked at the lifetime value of commission for the agents. We built the product every consumer wants and every agent gets more commissions over the life of the policy.

“With the heaped first year commission model and low renewals of our competition, our level commission model will pay the agent almost 4 times the commission dollars on a policy on the books for 4 years. NCD agents make almost $800 over 4 years as compared to just under $200 on our competitors commission models. With our new 12 month advance that we pay weekly, our agents are not having to wait several months to get their commissions.” says Mr. Lindsey

With NCD’s unmatched advances, level commissions and products there is now a new player in the Medicare dental marketplace.

With the NCD Money Ball approach the dental field is greener for the consumer as well as the agents.

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